Isabel Abedi Biograpy

Isabel Abedi

Once upon a time, there was a little girl…

… all day long she dreamed with open eyes, and at night she was unable to fall asleep. It was too late to read, so the little girl used to make up her own stories until she grew sleepy. That little girl was me.

I was born in 1967, in Munich. I grew up in Düsseldorf and went to school there too. At night, I used to dream of travelling the world as a circus artist, with gypsies.
And once I had finished school, I did set off. To Los Angeles, where I did an internship at a film production company.
I returned to Hamburg and trained as a copywriter. For thirteen years I wrote advertisements for shampoo, chocolate, detergents and expensive fountain pens.

Hamburg is also where I met my husband, Eduardo, a musician from Brazil.
He already had a daughter, Inaié, and together we later had another daughter, Sofia.

Sofia had trouble falling asleep at night, just like me. So I started telling her my old stories, and one of them became my first book.
Another book followed.
And another.
And another…

Now I am a writer. And when I am unable to fall asleep at night, I make up new stories which are now travelling the world in many different languages.

Isabel Abedi